“In 2017 we encountered increasing challenges to feed our recruitment needs. Using marketing measures and staffing firms, as usual, became inefficient and costly. At this point, hcs offered us an agile recruiting solution that turned out to be a game changer. All stakeholders found themselves integrated super quick and throughout the entire hiring cycle. Redundant communication vanished & tight-knit cooperation amplified the sourcing power of hcs. As a result, we were able to hire three top candidates plus a perfect spin-off within 4 months. On top, the pricing model saved us 60% on fees and we now have a flexible process that comes to live in an instant. Needless to say – we highly recommend this service. In case you have doubts, no problem, just let me know.“

Dominique Korschinek –  CEO, THE DIGITALE, Munich, March 2018


Agile Recruiting