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Why we speak of human capital: The root of ‘capital’ is the Latin ‘caput’: head. By using the term ‘capital’ we emphasize the vital importance of people’s minds, hearts, and skills to any undertaking.

We are recruiting experts for technology companies. Our USPs:
  1. Extremely fast delivery of non-visible candidates from any target company by direct identification via cold calling
  2. An adaptable and agile recruiting process that brings together all stakeholders, saving up to 80% time on calls and e-mails
  3. Excellent interpersonal communication skills at all levels in German and English


We positively separate from our competition in terms of honesty and transparency of service for both, our clients and candidates.

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Service Solutions

  • Retained Recruiting
  • Contingency Recruiting
  • Direct Ident
  • Interim Management
  • Consulting
  • Career Counseling

Agile Recruiting

We simplify the recruiting process, using core principles from software development. Agile project management and unified communication make stakeholder interaction easy, speedy, comprehensive, visual, collaborative and super responsive. With our service AGILE-RPO, your hiring team will follow a flexible path on the go, whilst forgetting about frequent e-mails and calls. Hiring managers love it.

Ask for Proof / High Speed Recruiting

on a retained basis is our strong point. Within a matter of days subsequent to project start, we provide crucial data, showing that you are on the fast lane. You have heard this before and disbelieve? We are ready to provide proof if you provide us a job description and a single target.

IT & Tools

We are using various tools to make sure that you have access to relevant information anytime and offer automated recruiting steps, including

  • Automatic video interviewing
  • Coding tests
  • Assessments
  • Behavioural Profiling

Industry Focus

  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Plant Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Machine Building
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • IT
  • etc.

Functional Track Record

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sourcing, Purchasing, SQD
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Controlling & Finance
  • HR
  • Mid- and C-level management
  • etc.
Businesses we have worked for
Software Development
Information Technology
Communication Providers
Grid Owners
Network Carriers
Automotive OEMs
Power Plants
Plant Construction
Renewable Energy
Energy Storage
Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
Machine Construction
Process Management Consulting
Mid-size & changing clients
Railway OEMs
Placement examples
Country Manager France
Business Development Manager EMEA
Key Account Manager BMW
R&D Engineer
Sen. Engineer Wind Implementation
Electrical Engineer Wind Turbine Control System Design
Business Development Engineer Central Europe
Director Global SQD
Mgr. Global Process Engineering
Sales Engineer Europe
Global Process Engineering Manager
Supplier Quality Development Engineers
Supplier Quality Assurance Managers
Sales Manager DACH
Field Service Engineer
Director Global Sourcing
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Head of Lean Six Sigma
Ingenieur Schaltanlagen
Sen. Engineer IT-Security
Sen. Engineer Communication
Entwicklungsingenieur Autobatterien
Protocol Testing
Director of Quality Assurance
Senior Manager Global Production System
Director of Marketing Europe
Sales Director Middle East
Market Manager Power Transition HV
Sales Director Electronics Germany
Manager Sensory Consumer Insight
Tesla Service Center Manager
Tesla Store Manager
Process Technologist
Head of R&D
Geschäftsführer Maschinenbau
Engagement Manager eCommerce
Automotive Plant Manager
Service Manager Power
Investment Controller
Functions we have recruited for
Industrial Engineering
Software Engineering
Design-, Application-, Service-, Process-Engineering
Quality Assurance & Control
Key Accounting
Business Development
Product Management
Solution Architecture
Interim Roles
VP-, SVP- and C-Level roles

Information for Clients

Decades of experience in technical recruiting supports an excellent understanding of highly complex technologies and related management requirements. Our candidate networks are large and of high quality. 

Our goal number one is to create long-lasting business relationships with clients and candidates. We are not limited to certain industries as we are able to identify any candidate in any business.  

united_states_of_america_round_icon_64 US-companies have been our clients even before .hcs was founded. Due to many projects with US-clients, we feel very comfortable about the expectations of organizations with a typical American business culture.

Service Quality

  • Extremely Fast Delivery
  • Excellent Interpersonal Communication Skills in German & English
  • Excellent Client & Candidate Consulting
  • Only Experienced Senior Consultants

This is our own interpretation of recruiting, in a nutshell:

Following commonly specified human capital requirements, we directly identify, approach, interview, evaluate, present and place the most suitable candidates – who are successful and happy in their current roles but ready for a career step as the opportunity arises.

Our Do’s

  • We follow all laws and regulations on equal employment and non-discrimination
  • All information given by the candidate will be presented correctly and completely
  • Resumes will not be changed in content or format to avoid false interpretation
  • Communications are honest and truthful according to our best belief
  • True and complete information will be provided to clients and candidates at all times
  • Candidates and clients will be informed as soon as a conflict of interest arises

Our Dont’s

  • No discrimination against candidates
  • No call center agents out in the sticks
  • No commission payments to our staff for collected CVs
  • No commission payments to our staff for conducted calls
  • No suppressed phone numbers
  • No fake job ads to attract candidates
  • No CV spamming
  • No CV pimping
  • No submission of CVs without candidate consent

Solution Focused Career Counseling

80% of professionals don’t have a strategy for their career, which is staggering!

  • Your assignment came to an abrupt end and a quick decision regarding a new role at another employer is due?
  • Aiming to control where you will be in 5 years?
  • Starting your career and need orientation?

All this might lead your career and life in a direction that is not as sustainable, not as profitable and not as happy as it could be.

Consider our career package. It is the contrary of esoteric and requires roughly 10 hours work on your end. Take or take back control. Based on the solution-focused coaching methodology by Steve de Shazer and our templates, we are going to develop your individual profile and roll out your personal strategy for a better career and improved work-life-balance.

See some statements of clients right below.

The .hcs Career Counseling Package:

  • Development of a career plan with milestones
  • Creation of professional application documents
  • Setting up social business profiles
  • Advice on strategic networking
  • Advice on hiring processes

The price is € 1.250,00 net, which can be deducted from taxes in most countries.

Give us a call and get a free of charge individual consultation on the phone, including useful tips for your application documents and online-profiles.

Some Statements of Candidates, Clients & Partners

Owner & Associates

I am Stefan Stankowic, working with a small team of determined senior partners. Please connect on Linkedin.

Despite all the new technology, headhunting still depends on the individual recruiter!

It is a matter that requires confidentiality, empathy, professionalism, reliability, personality and a good portion of technical understanding. We have that – others have a database. Rely on us, as we are passionate and experienced specialists.

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