Terms & Conditions

Any recruitment or consulting project that .hcs conduct, is legally based on adjusted contract templates, reflecting a classic direct executive search approach. Frame contracts and quantity discounts are available. Contract adjustments shall be negotiated as the case arises. All search contracts are kept according to international standards, brief and transparent. Our contracts are internationally effectual and have been specifically designed by US-German Attorneys Urban, Thier & Federer, who specialize in international commercial law.

.hcs work on the basis of charging hourly rates. This business model is preferred.

.hcs work on a retained basis with 3 installments, based on an agreed percentage of a candidate’s anticipated first years on target earnings. The difference between the anticipated and the real earnings of a candidate will be balanced by the 3rd installment. Installments are due for payment upon (1st) signature of search contract, (2nd) commencement of interviews and (3rd) signature of the employment contract by a candidate. This search model is highly recommendable as it allows .hcs to invest a higher amount of internal and external resources (working hours/monetary) to your project versus contingent projects. The retained search model also ensures that involved personnel on the client side, are fully committed to supporting a speedy and effective hiring process, as being aware of an existing financial commitment.

.hcs work on a contingent basis for success fees as well. The fee is based on an agreed percentage of a candidate’s first years on target earnings, payable upon signature of the employment contract by the candidate. An engagement fee upon signature of the search contract may be required, depending on the nature of the project. .hcs do not conduct non-exclusive recruiting projects.

Custom reimbursement clauses are available to cover potential financial risks for clients. New clients, who have not worked with us before, benefit from this safety mechanism.

Please inquire for a custom offer.